Give Your Guests Something to Remember

various chocolates as a background – sweet food

Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate function, or even a seminar or convention, it’s important that the people take something away from it more than just memories. Giving your guests a remembrance, however small, will help make your event memorable and unique.

Think back to when you attended the birthday parties of friends or classmates when you were a child. Invariably, guests were sent home with a remembrance. It may have been an inexpensive trinket or a goodie bag full of treats. But whatever it was, it helped create the idea that the event was special and deserved to be remembered.

Your event is the same way. Regardless of how many guests you invite, it’s important that every attendee leaves with some way to remember and cherish your event.

Controlling Costs While Impressing Guests

One of the first concerns about providing guests with parting gifts is the expense. If you are hosting a conference for thousands of attendees, you probably don’t want to invest in an expensive going away present.

In this instance, a professionally-produced brochure with the schedule of events and biographical information about the presenters may be enough.

Wedding Planner Miami Ideas

Programs for weddings also are a good idea. But they aren’t enough. Provide your guests with more than just a banquet and dancing and you can help ensure your event is the social event of the season. It could be a photograph of the happy couple. Or it might be something like a small box of chocolates or mints neatly sitting on their dinner plates.

Corporate functions offer opportunities to promote your brand, logo, or particular products or services. For example, you might provide shareholders with samples of your latest products. Or you could give those attending an awards luncheon trophies or other “hardware” they can display in their homes or offices for years to come.