Take Pressure Off Your Holiday Party Planning

There’s a simple way to avoid the stress of planning your holiday party: Simply schedule your event after the holidays are over.

Hosting your personal or business holiday event in January is easier, less stressful, and possibly even cheaper than competing with all the other holiday parties going on during the weeks leading up to the holidays.

Plus, because there are fewer social events in January, attendance at your event is likely to be higher and people are more likely to have a good time at your post-holiday holiday party.

Too Many Parties

You already know how it can be during the holiday season. There often are so many parties and events to attend that you may spend only a short time at each before hurrying to the next one.

And if you are in charge of planning a holiday event in December, it can be a logistical nightmare. Picking a date and time that doesn’t contrast with other popular events is practically impossible. Then you have to compete for caterers, locations, and other amenities with all the other party planners.

That definitely can take some of the cheer out of the holidays.

Better in January

Contrast that with planning your holiday party in January, when there are more open dates and guests are more likely to be available to attend your party. And rather than rushing off to the next event in a hectic frenzy as they would in December, your January party can be savored and enjoyed by your guests.

Plus, all the caterers and other vendors who were so busy in December are likely to have wide-open schedules after the first of the year, giving you the pick of the litter and at bargain-basement prices as well.

There are definite benefits to waiting until January or even February to host your holiday party — not the least of which is that the party planning is a whole lot less stressful!