Tips for Improving Your Office Holiday Party

Holiday office parties offer a unique challenge to the party planner. Taking people who work together all year round and suddenly putting them in a social situation where they are supposed to have fun can be, well, challenging. No wonder so many people dread them or even avoid them every year.

But office holiday parties don’t have to be a drag. Here are some tips for making your next business party more fun and something co-workers can actually look forward to attending.

Party Planning

One of the biggest problems with office holiday parties is that they often are thrown together at the last minute. But when your party has a well thought out plan or theme, it can be a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Whether you have your office holiday party on-site or at a destination outside of the office, spend some time planning a fun and exciting theme. The more work you put into party planning, the more enjoyable your party will be.

And you don’t have to burden all the work yourself. Identify some fun and ambitious people who can help you plan your party and form a holiday party planning committee. That way the party planning can be half the fun!

Party Timing

Another major problem with holiday office parties is their timing. The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for most businesses. So adding a social obligation that is also business-related can just put added pressure on an already stressful time.

The perfect solution is to schedule your holiday party after the holidays when there is less pressure and more time for people to enjoy themselves. Planning your party for January or February not only gives you more time to plan but also may offer more affordable rates for things like space rental and even catering.

Holiday office parties don’t have to be a drag. This year, plan an event your co-workers can actually enjoy for a change!