Why Are Celebration Cakes Still So Important?

Birthday cakes. Wedding cakes. Anniversary cakes. Graduation cakes. Retirement cakes.

For practically every lifetime milestone, there’s a cake that celebrates it. But why? After all these years, do we still really need sweet-tasting, colorfully decorated cakes to acknowledge each and every life event?

Yes. And there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation why cakes are still so important to our celebrations.

Party Planner Broward — The Birth of Birthday Cakes


Flash forward to 15th Century Germany, where the tradition evolved into a celebration of “Kinderfeste”, in which children’s birthdays were celebrated with a special cake that featured a lighted candle for each year of the child’s life — plus one that represented the “light of life”, or hope for another full year of living.

Party Planner Broward — The Democratization of Cake

With this democratization of birthday cakes, the tradition began to be used to celebrate other lifetime milestones besides birthdays. Bakers, recognizing a potentially profitable market that could exist year-round, began promoting cakes to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, retirements, and other events.

Today, cakes are an important and highly anticipated part of practically any type of celebration. At Creability Decor, we create customized dummy cakes that can certainly be eye-pleasing and bring the wow factor to your event.