Why Would You Ever Need a Dummy Cake?

Cupcakes decorated with sugar crowns

A dummy cake is an inedible cake whose purpose is to illustrate specific cake designs or types for marketing purposes. It’s often used in advertising, for semi-permanent display in bakery windows, or as a prop for movie or TV shows.

So why would the average person ever need a dummy cake? The truth is most people don’t. But when you do need one, the place to turn is Creability Decor, one of the fastest-growing providers of dummy cakes for South Florida.

Benefits of Dummy Cakes

The bottom line reason dummy cakes are used is that they don’t melt or spoil over time. Real cakes are made mostly from flour, sugar, butter, vegetable oil, and milk.

If a bakery were to put a real cake in their window, for example, it might last a day or even two before starting to deteriorate. But eventually, the icing would dry out, crack, or even melt if the cake was left in direct sunlight. So the bakery would have to keep replacing the real cake with a fresh one frequently, adding significant cost.

A dummy cake, however, is made from synthetic materials that resemble the real thing. So it won’t go bad when left in a bright, sunny window or left under the bright lights of TV or film production. While a real cake might last only a few hours, a dummy cake can be used over and over again at no additional cost.

Dummy Cakes and You

So dummy cakes offer a solution for bakery window displays, set design, food photographers, and marketing companies. They illustrate the design and production offerings of bakers and food stylists without the decay or prohibitive recurring replacement costs.

Granted, dummy cakes are a niche market. But when you need one, you can get the dummy cake you are looking for at Creability Decor.